10 years ago I was diagnosed with GERD and a hiatal hernia, the last two weeks have been horrible . It started with a small food poisoning during which returned and had diarrhea that went and now seems to have worsened my symptoms of GERD.

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  • Dr. Doctuo

    Although it is impossible to be sure without examining you, seems to have had an episode of gastroenteritis - often called the "stomach flu." It is usually caused by a virus or bacteria and is usually " self -limiting " - implying that only be cured as long as keep your body hydrated. This is unlikely to be associated with a hiatal hernia that may or may not have, but generally worsen symptoms such as bloating and nausea . It is not clear if you have a hiatal hernia so described and really is not very common to have a significant hiatal hernia diagnosed at age 16. However, to explain what they are hiatal hernias occur when part or all of your stomach gets into a " hiatus " ( a passage in the diaphragm that usually allow the esophagus, the tube that is swallowed, it can provide food to the stomach ) to the back of the chest, behind the heart. Hiatal hernias may cause heartburn , regurgitation, " early satiety " (feeling full after eating very little), obstruction ( the feeling that food gets barred after swallowing ), pain ( with swelling after eating ) and bleeding. If you have these symptoms, you should see a doctor . This will examine you and probably ask for a swallow study ( an x-ray in which you swallow a liquid such as barium that show how food travels to your stomach). You may need to see a surgeon if you really have a hiatal hernia and true symptoms caused by it. The surgery today can usually be done with a minimally invasive procedure. It must be performed by an experienced surgical esophagus ( swallowing tube ) surgeon.