What is the significance of an abnormal electrocardiogram with normal heart rate and normal blood pressure shooting low. My doctor wants me to go to a cardiologist why I have intermittent chest pains , frequent headaches , tremors in my arms that come and go , some tingling .

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  • Dra. Doctuo

    As you probably know , an electro is simply a visual representation of the electrical activity of the heart between beats . This electrical activity originates in your hearts a "pacemaker" ( a region of tissue in the right atrium) . When the pacemaker generates electrical shock that goes through the heart , allowing the contraction sends blood to the arteries. An electro records electrical impulses and generates a report that your doctor can interpret. Any irregularity in the electro from moderately slow to too fast heartbeat can be construed as the heartbeat for abnormal electro. This is why your doctor wants to check electro. Surely your doctor is more concerned about symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath ... They may suggest a heart problem , even if your electric is normal or abnormal. Send to a cardiologist is normal. I understand your concern to be referred to a cardiologist. Until you go to a cardiologist try to relax and not think .