Have I been poisoned by black mold? What do I do ? Since I moved to my new apartment I found wrong, and that was two years ago. I used to not get sick rarely . I vomited , lost concentration and I suffered migraines and headaches .

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  • Dra. Doctuo

    The most common and best documented effects of mold exposure include respiratory symptoms : cough , wheezing , congestion, asthma, sore throat , etc. . However, a number of other conditions have been associated with the " toxic" mold, including intestinal problems , mental disorders , headaches , loss of memory and concentration , and more. Unfortunately, many of these symptoms are also common in other diseases , such as thyroid disease , celiac disease , anxiety, and connective tissue disorders . A good way to determine if you are sensitive to something in your current home is move for a few weeks . But this is often not convenient or affordable , so see your doctor to determine if there is any other cause for your symptoms. If he or she decides that exposure to mold can be the root of their difficulties , these documents may be helpful for mold is removed from his apartment . I have attached a link to the CDC that provides more information about exposure to toxic mold .