Do I have an anxiety disorder ? I feel anxious all the time and sometimes it is so severe that it becomes difficult to breathe. Also I experience a lot of headaches and nausea besides mood swings. In some mood swings I feel very sad or very happy.

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  • Dra. Doctuo

    You can not tell if you have an anxiety disorder . It needs to be thoroughly evaluated to determine what is causing your symptoms. I 'll give basic information. Anxiety may occur along the feeling of nervousness and fidgeting , getting tired more easily , irritability , trouble sleeping, muscle tension (especially in the muscles surrounding the skull , along the neck and the muscles of the upper back ) or even have so much anxiety that your mind goes blank . Panic attacks are a type of anxiety disorder. Usually discrete episodes lasting from a few minutes to over 10 minutes. They can be quite disturbing and may include symptoms such as feeling of extreme panic , tremors, increased sweating , difficulty breathing with fast breathing , tightness or chest pain , nausea or feeling of butterflies in the stomach , dizziness, rapid pulse and strong , numbness or tingling in certain areas and sometimes afraid that you can go crazy or dying . I recommend you go see your doctor so you can make an assessment. Depending on what your doctor thinks about what might be the cause, he or she may recommend a psychiatrist, a licensed social worker or other therapist will assess and prescribe treatment possible. I wish you well .

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