How can I stop post nasal drip ? I have a continuous drainage from the back of the throat that makes me cough . How I can get him to stop? I'm not cold or anything. Other than that I have good health. If you do not drain off would cough . Worse at night .

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  • Dr. Doctuo

    When the internal nasal lining becomes irritated, you can create more mucus than normal. This could cause a chronic runny nose or postnasal drip. A nasal examination by your otolaryngologist may help determine what is happening inside your nose. In some cases it may also help allergy testing done. The allergy medication (either prescription or nonprescription), anti-inflammatory and antihistamine nasal spray (prescription), or even washing with salt water could be potential treatments that might help you with your problem. Sometimes a chronic sinus infection could cause chronic postnasal drainage. If after initial screening is believed that this could be a possibility, it may require additional treatment and a CT scan performed.