Wear 6 days with pain in the lower abdominal region. The pain is located near the junction of the abdomen with the left leg. No nausea or constipation, and pain dissipates when I'm lying . At the moment I can not see my doctor for normal header .

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  • Dr. Doctuo

    I feel that is wrong. No medical examination is difficult to know what is happening , but could have a hernia ( inguinal or femoral or ), or may be suffering from a syndrome ilioinguinal nerve compression (see links below). Any of these conditions could cause the symptoms you described . Occasionally, an inguinal lymph node reagent can mimic an inguinal or femoral hernia. ( Reactive lymph nodes usually result from infection or inflammation of the upper zone of the nodule - in this case in the inguinal nodes , which include the leg, the lower abdominal wall , genitalia, and some pelvic organs ) . Your doctor should be able to quickly determine if you have an inguinal hernia or an inguinal lymph node reactive . Femoral hernias and ilioinguinal nerve compression may be more difficult to diagnose. In any case, if you develop severe pain that does not go to lie down, go to the nearest emergency room , it could be incarceration or strangulation of the hernia , which is a medical emergency . I hope things go well when you see your doctor then !