What can be the cause of bloody diarrhea ? My husband has a history of constipation and has been constipated the last two weeks, but has now had diarrhea 4-5 times from 4am today . I just said you saw a considerable amount of bright red blood in your stool.

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  • Dra. Doctuo

    Diarrhea after having constipation may have caused an anal fissure, which would explain the bright red blood. What are the possible causes? Cramps on the right side of the abdomen suggest an inflammation of the descending colon is on the left side of the abdomen - a his sack have only lasted one day - they are probably caused by a bacterial or viral infection , causing diarrhea . Lose 10 pounds ( more or less) in recent months without having tried it could be worrisome. After 50 years , everyone is encouraged to be an exam to a gastroenterologist, especially if you have bloody stools, to see if you have intestinal polyps that could possibly lead to cancer.