What can you be the reason for tiredness and feeling sick in the morning? Since always I get up too tired, although I have slept enough, until you spend three or four hours since I woke up that I can not eat something, this causes me more tired feeling all morning.

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  • Dra. Doctuo

    The symptoms you describe are common to multiple diseases and syndromes. It may be from a secondary table to neuropathy, such as diabetic gastroparesis in diabetes poorly controlled long evolution, adrenal insufficiency (Especially if associated other symptoms such as hypotension or hyperkalemia) or boxes obstructive sleep apnea , especially if you suffer from obesity. Neither can be ruled functional disorders, chronic fatigue or disordered eating behavior, to anxiety, and of course taking certain drugs such as opiates, some antidiabetic ... that can cause similar symptoms. This is recommended if you visit your doctor for a physical exam and ask the necessary evidence.