' What causes muscle spasms ? I have been experiencing muscle spasms steadily but often worse at night . It occurs in almost all areas of my body such as the chest , ribs, back, shoulder, legs and neck. My muscles are always tense note and I can not relax at all. I'm always tired.

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  • Dr. Doctuo

    Muscle spasms are usually caused by vitamin deficiencies , low levels of electrolytes, overuse ( intense exercise ) , dehydration, and medical conditions such as anemia or diabetes. Since their spasms affecting multiple muscle groups and have been going on for weeks, you should see your doctor . The fact that you are tired all the time is also somewhat troubling. Both could not be related . Your doctor may consider fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome , or even multiple sclerosis (MS ) as a possible diagnosis . Depend on your medical history and whether a detailed, to hopefully find out the cause of your problems and initiate appropriate treatment plan physical examination is performed . Good Luck!