What happens to me? I am very thirsty Lately I guess I'm going to the bathroom lot and also why I am so very hungry. 

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  • Dr. Doctuo

    The clinic that you describe is worrying. Drink a lot ( polydipsia ) , go to the bathroom a lot ( polyuria ) and eat a lot ( polyphagia ) are three of the four classics of Diabetes Mellitus cardinal symptoms , the fourth being weight loss , all secondary to severe insulin deficiency either for lack of production , or by a minor effect that occurs on the target organs. In diabetics, these symptoms may also occur in case of very poor control . We strongly recommend that PROMPTLY SEEK YOUR DOCTOR < / b > recommend , because if you do not have these symptoms with known diabetes is obliged to dismiss , before considering other possible causes. And if you have diabetes, control may be bad and required strong measures .