What is the best way to perform an allergy test , by puncture or blood test? I want to check if I have any specific food allergies that may be causing my anxiety , depression , weight gain and gastrointestinal reflux disease .

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  • Dra. Doctuo

    These are two different questions. The probability of a food allergy with gastroesophageal reflux disease is low, but it would be good idea to test it performed. It is unlikely that the other mentioned symptoms are caused by an allergy. For food allergies, skin tests and blood tests are usually complementary, rather than exclusive. Skin tests are usually more sensitive than blood tests. However, if either test is positive, a clinical correlation should occur. What this means is that to avoid that particular food for a certain period of time should show real improvement of symptoms, and if they re-enter the food in the diet should again produce a negative effect.