What treatment should I take? I have fibromyalgia , carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists , depression and chronic migraines. It is difficult to live day by day. I have problems to stand , sit , lie down , while trying to clean the house and look after my children .

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  • Dra. Doctuo

    Although I can not tell how you can treat chronic migraines and fibromyalgia, if you really suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome is even more important that you try this, since this problem is treatable. Leave some untreated will only worsen the discomfort caused by other medical conditions that, in turn, could amplify the overall severity of the carpal tunnel and other elements of your health. If you have already used a splint, injections or if you have a fairly serious syndrome carpal tunnel, you should consider going to a hand surgeon or an orthopedic surgeon to treat your carpal tunnel surgery. I can not promise anyone that surgery will fix all your problems but is the treatment likely to provide the most predictable results. Of course, check with your doctor about the expectations of your particular case.