Wear with a headache for a month . I have anemia. Ulcers. An intragastric balloon . Joint pain . Extreme fatigue . I feel like I have the flu. I am 69 and just told me I have diabetes. I have not yet been treated for it. It really hurts the tailbone and hips.

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  • Dra. Doctuo

    Given the details you provided , there are several explanations for their symptoms. The anemia itself may already be sufficient to cause extreme fatigue and persistent headache . He mentioned that he had an ulcer , which could be the cause of your anemia if it has been bleeding. However, other potential causes of anemia are - bone marrow failure , malignancy , autoimmune diseases, etc. . - All of these could be causing your fatigue , joint pain and headaches . Diabetes, particularly when it is not controlled, can be another common cause of fatigue and headache. Having considered all this, there are some important details to consider. The cause of anemia should be identified, if possible, should include an assessment of their feces , blood tests , upper endoscopy and / or colonoscopy ( examination of this could have been done previously when the intragastric balloon was introduced ) , or spinal cord biopsy . If it appears that iron deficiency is the cause of your anemia, is likely to be advised to take iron supplements . Your diabetes should be controlled, or by changes in lifestyle (hopefully the intragastric balloon has helped with this) or drugs - or both. The pain in his tailbone and hips should be evaluated . A plain radiographs may be sufficient to make a diagnosis, but it is possible for a scan or MRI is required to determine the cause of the discomfort. I hope all this helps, and you are better soon!