What could be the diagnosis for a bleeding nose with clots , pain in the lower back , eye pain , unable to concentrate, have nausea and headache? Over a month ago I had a car accident. I have had headaches since a season that ended up disappearing , but now they're back.

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  • Dra. Doctuo

    First you should know that all the problems you are experiencing may not have relationship. Before listing the possible causes , let me tell you that you should go to your doctor make an accurate assessment of each problem. If your headaches before the accident occurred is unlikely to be caused by the same , however , could have been worsened by stress or anxiety, or could be due to their vision problems . In addition , the headaches could be related to sinus problems or allergies, which could explain the blood on his nose. Finally , nausea and vision problems and headaches could be due to vertigo. There are multiple causes , however you should see your doctor to do a complete history and a physical examination and diagnostic tests . Good luck.