What could this be? Are the first signs of pregnancy? My current symptoms are: headaches that last for 1-3 hours a day , swollen fingers and feet (especially at night, but not noticeable ) , bloating , fatigue , nausea (upset stomach all day ) , dizziness .

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  • Dr. Doctuo

    If your last period started on August 24 and its cycles are of medium length ( about 28 days ), you should have ovulated around September 7. If conception occurred around the same time as ovulation, implantation would have occurred 5-12 days later (say 14 September) . Pregnancy symptoms can start as early as a few days after implantation . The easiest way to determine if you are pregnant , of course, is a pregnancy test . If the test is positive , consult your doctor to begin prenatal care. If the test is negative and symptoms persist , consult your doctor to determine why you are not feeling well .