What kind of headache is this? When it hurts the back of my head and causes dizziness and weakness in the body, and it comes and goes.

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  • Dr. Doctuo

    Headaches and their causes can be complicated and difficult to diagnose. Since you are experiencing dizziness and weakness, should make an appointment with your doctor for a complete medical evaluation. Your doctor will review your history and perform a neurological assessment to try to figure out what is causing your symptoms . You may want to start thinking about the answer you give to questions such as: - When did - How often happen - They are becoming more frequent or painful - How long ? ? - How do you feel headache , and you could point out where it is ? - Does it happen around the same time at night or ever occurs throughout the day? - What other symptoms do you have when they occur and may be associated with headache ? - Have you had any radical change in your life ? - How is your lifestyle ? - Are you getting enough sleep, eating right and exercising? - Are you taking any medication? - Do you drink caffeine and how much? Answering these questions may help your doctor find out the cause of your headaches , if a serious problem or not and how to help . Good Luck!