What this means in a report NMR " degenerative changes seen in the spinal endplate L5 -S1 level "? I have pain in the lower back sciatica region surface also have numbness in the right thigh.

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  • Dr. Doctuo

    I feel a sore back. As you know, the column consists of a series of vertebral bodies located one above the other , each having a rather rectangular. The upper and lower surface of each vertebral body endplates called , these surfaces , which bear against the upper or lower neighboring vertebrae , are denser than the relatively spongy localized spinal cord within the vertebral body material. Since the endplates deal with gravity throughout our lives , often worn over time . Almost everyone has some level of degeneration of the endplates when they reach middle age, and this finding on an x-ray or MRI does not necessarily imply a serious problem. (In fact , many people with significant degeneration of the endplates on multiple levels, not suffer from back pain .) However, when an abnormality on MRI correlates with the patient's symptoms , this therapy helps orientation. The pain in your lower back are most likely due to degenerative changes at L5 -S1 , this finding will allow your physiotherapist, chiropractor, orthopedist or neurosurgeon create a treatment plan that addresses your pain in the best way possible. I hope that has answered your question!