What can I do if I have a bad headache ? I am experiencing the worst headache of my life. I've had migraines before, but this is not a migraine. I can not eat or sleep , I have fever, vomiting , diarrhea, severe stomach pains and night sweats.

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  • Dr. Doctuo

    Hopefully this situation has already been addressed in the four days that have elapsed since making his question . A severe headache with fever , regardless other symptoms could indicate meningitis. (Incidentally, stress does not cause fevers ) . To determine your symptoms are due to a viral or bacterial infection, further medical evaluation is needed . Untreated bacterial meningitis may be lethal , a viral meningitis , although rarely is fatal, often require hospitalization. Despite the impression from your doctor that your symptoms are caused by stress, the situation deserves a more thorough examination , proceed to the nearest emergency room . I hope you feel better !